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Who are we? is an online, mental health service provider. We deliver an award winning, web based solution, to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

We bring a unique combination of technical and clinical knowledge and with over 7 years experience, we know how to provide and deliver world class mental health and wellbeing support online. Our proprietary platform has been custom designed and built by our team of technologists and clinicians to provide you with the best possible online experience.

Our platform works across all web capable devices

With over 50,000 registered members, 5,000 hours of counselling completed and a proprietary system for identifying and managing varying degrees of online risk, we offer a safe, user friendly and clinically managed set of tools to enable Organisations to offer online services quickly, cost effectively and out of the box. We are the perfect partner to any Organisation or Company interested in hosting online managed services or interested in offering an online Employee Assistance Program to employees.

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Our Services

e-Mental Healthcare technology solutions

Our platform is the only one of its kind globally. It is user friendly, designed for simplicity and ease of use but with maximum user safety and administration and clinical controls for scalable effect and impact.

Our cloud based SAS model is ultra secure, regards Data Protection as paramount and provides full resilient, failover and database backup services.

We can offer a tailored package of managed online services branded for your organisation, but hosted on our cloud based platform to offer:

  1. A mood and thought diary management system for users to create structured thoughts on a timeline and chart these with their mood over time acting like a digital diary but one that is monitored and risk managed.

  2. Online Group Support that can host from 2 - 200 users with full administration controls.

  3. Online 1:1 Counselling through a chat based service with full practice and clinical management.  

  4. Content monitoring and moderation - We can offer a service whereby site or content comments from your site are monitored and moderated per our best practice policies and guidelines.

All through a robust backend with a suite of powerful features for:

  1. User management

  2. Clinical practice and note management

  3. Content flagging dashboards

  4. Risk analysis through keyword analysis, flagged risks alerts and user risk alerts

  5. Full reporting and service user reports

Corporate EAP Program

Looking after the welfare of your people is key to ensuring a happy and supported workforce. Turn2me has experienced, and specially trained online therapists who are skilled at helping to resolve personal and or work related issues in a confidential and caring online environment.

We have offered over 5,000 hours of online counselling and 79% of survey respondents find our counselling very helpful or helpful. That is almost 80% satisfaction level.

An employee assistance programme (EAP) is a programme designed to:

  • Assist employers in addressing productivity issues.

  • Identify and resolve employees’ personal concerns; including health, marital, family, financial, alcohol, drug, legal, emotional, stress, or other personal issues that may affect job performance.

Turn2me can provide mental health support confidentially to employees. Direct line access is essential allowing employees to make contact with Turn2me as EAP provider directly, ensuring confidentiality. This can be accommodated by provision of a dedicated Company Code to employees. External online services can include online counselling, online support groups, Information services, Mood Diary all delivered by mental health professionals, based remotely and off site of the organisation.

Turn2me can provide the following services as part of the EAP:

  • Online Counselling - Turn2me has experienced, compassionate therapists who are skilled at helping to resolve personal and/or work related issues in a confidential and caring online environment.

As sessions are delivered online there is no need for clients to travel to appointments, access to pc, laptop, tablet or mobile in a private area is all that is required.

  • Supervision -  All professional therapists in the field of psychotherapy and counselling are bound by their governing body’s Code of Ethics and are required to monitor their work through regular supervision as an integral part of their practice. Regular supervision also serves to ensure that the standard of counselling continues to evolve and develop and that therapists remain competent.

  • Online Support Groups - including a Work related stress online support group - to help employees in dealing with the stresses they encounter every day in both their professional and personal lives. To help individuals understand stress, how it can happen, and what can be done to prevent it.

  • Mood Skills - CBT Online Proprietary e-learning Programme to help with Depression

Click here for more informtion about our Employee Assitance Program

The Benefits of Online Services from

  1. Out of the box solution that plugs into your site.

  2. Hosted services with either your own professionals or highly trained and specialised professionals provided by Turn2me .

  3. Accessible, user friendly navigation.

  4. Highest levels of security and data protection.

  5. Affordable and no surprises based costing model.

  6. Full reporting on user engagement and service delivery.

How can our services work for you

  • Provide an immediate suite of online services for your organisation and branded to your organisation.

  • Complete technology solution, managed, hosted and maintained by our Team of Professionals. Technology services that allow you to focus on the delivery of services.

  • Transparent monthly fee structures that are affordable and far more cost effective than self-development of complex online secure, safe and usable technologies.

  • Full training, consultancy, implementation and after care.

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