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Depression – Doing Things Differently

If lack of activity and tiredness is helping to maintain our negative thinking, and therefore keeping us depressed, then doing more (in spite of feeling tired and depressed) will help us feel better.

Do something different (to what you normally do)


  • Mindfulness- learn Mindful Breathing

  • Focus your attention fully on another activity -Mindful activity

  • Relaxationtechniques - try lots and find one that works for you

  • Put on somemusic - sing and dance along, or just listen attentively (use music that is likely to help you feel your desired emotion - avoid sad songs if you`re depressed)

  • Meditationor Prayer

  • Help others

  • Be with others - contact a friend, visit family

  • Talk to someone

  • Grounding techniques - look around you, what do you see, hear, smell, sense? Hold a comforting object.

  • Physical exercise - walk, swim, go to the gym, cycle

  • Engage in a hobby or other interest - if you don`t have one, find one! What have you enjoyed in the past? What have you sometimes thought about doing but not got around to?

  • Plan more energising activities

  • Write down your thoughts and feelings - get them out of your head.  Just write, or use a thought record sheet.

  • Just take one step at a time - don`t plan too far ahead

  • Pamper yourself - do something you really enjoy, or do something relaxing

  • Positive self-talk- encourage yourself, tell yourself: I can do this, I am strong and capable - find an affirmation that works for you (even if you don`t believe it at first!). Write it down and memorise it for when you need it.

  • Do something creative - make a box of items that remind you to use the techniques that help, or put photos on paper, or write and decorate a list

  • Consider using a Light Box- particularly with Seasonal Affective Disorder (Depression due to lack of natural light, e.g. every winter, although some people experience SAD at other times)

  • Use Safe Place Imagery

  • Colour breathing

  • Tell yourself: "This will pass, it`s only temporary". "I`ve got through this before, I can do it now". When we`re going through a tunnel and become fearful of being trapped, there`s no point in stopping - we just have to carry on in order to reach the end of the tunnel. That light is there, and waiting!

  • Notice the positives- write down or record 3 positive things every day.

  • Visualiseyourself enjoying doing the things you used to enjoy doing, or would like to enjoy doing, and successfully doing the things you need to do.


Article Comments

  • "None of my friends and family have the time, or can be bothered to be there for me. It just a never ending situation that is just spiraling out of control"
  • - TiffanyLee (1st of August 2016, 06:44:05 PM)
  • "Not having family behind you sucks. That's when we turn to friends. The good thing about spiral's, is they go up and down..."
  • - Ariadne (3rd of August 2016, 12:17:57 AM)
  • "find understanding"
  • - SteveHughW (3rd of August 2016, 06:51:13 AM)
  • "Things just always seem to go wrong for me, I push people away who mean the world to me"
  • - CJMcL (4th of August 2016, 07:18:32 AM)
  • "Im a 19 yr old girl and i have no family or friends to turn to whatsoever. Stuck with my depression and anxiety and its eating me inside"
  • - annalisebarbie0151 (7th of August 2016, 04:03:15 AM)
  • "Wish I had someone to turn to x"
  • - Luckygirl123 (9th of August 2016, 12:02:09 AM)
  • "I also depressed. I think I have no way to live "
  • - sabu (27th of August 2016, 05:52:55 AM)
  • "What can I do"
  • - sabu (27th of August 2016, 05:53:13 AM)
  • "I have end less negative thoughts come to cut my hope"
  • - sabu (27th of August 2016, 05:53:50 AM)
  • "I'm 20 years old. Inside I have no feelings...I spent 3month in the hospital and now I'm suround by negative mindset family."
  • - Kati21 (28th of August 2016, 12:31:23 PM)
  • "I hate my life what can i do "
  • - Adriana1 (9th of September 2016, 10:19:47 AM)
  • "I have family and friends but don't feel I can burden them with my true thoughts and feelings. When will it stop "
  • - Poppysam36 (13th of September 2016, 12:57:30 PM)
  • "zouwie things just keep getting worse never have time to do any thing I'D like to do"
  • - zouwie (22nd of September 2016, 11:20:36 AM)
  • "Have any of you had ECT treatment?"
  • - Tupp (3rd of October 2016, 11:48:48 AM)
  • "I constantly feel in a panic state worrying continually about the futre....I don't understand why or how people are positive when life is such a dark place to be for me right now."
  • - Blodwyn26 (4th of October 2016, 01:23:33 PM)
  • "Just started to exercise that keeps my mind of it until I stop."
  • - Shyongirl (8th of October 2016, 06:32:01 PM)
  • "I'm an 18 year old girl who feels she can't confide in anyone about her depression. Instead I take it out on myself. I constantly feel I'm a let down to everyone... even myself."
  • - cookiepawz (26th of October 2016, 03:06:00 AM)
  • "I dont have anyone to talk to about recent things and i just need some help really i feel like im going crazy. The only thing i talk to is a stuffed bear"
  • - MattD (29th of October 2016, 06:59:55 PM)
  • "I don't know if i can do those things especially when I'm depressed because i really can't focus on all the things I'm doing."
  • - Aica (17th of November 2016, 04:44:00 AM)
  • "This is something that I had intended to do already, but haven't found the "omph" to get up and do it - a useful reminder : weather supposed to be better here tomorrow - so going for a hike."
  • - gerd (21st of November 2016, 06:38:33 PM)
  • "Sad to see so many saying they have no one to talk to - isnt that what sites like this are for?"
  • - gerd (21st of November 2016, 06:39:53 PM)
  • "My relationship has finished I still love her and I feel awful.Nobody to talk to and just so depressed and liney"
  • - Lainey63 (24th of November 2016, 11:36:32 AM)
  • "i'm having some problems and im scared that i would hurt myself "
  • - DMLola (25th of November 2016, 05:58:07 AM)
  • "Anyone to talk .."
  • - amira3abdraboo (25th of November 2016, 06:53:00 AM)
  • "Anyone to talk .."
  • - amira3abdraboo (25th of November 2016, 06:53:56 AM)
  • "I'm not feeling myself lately and nothing works"
  • - Sashacool101 (13th of December 2016, 04:22:24 AM)
  • "You are not a let down to me. You are a human being. And I respect you and love you. Lets stick together. All of us depressed people."
  • - Keithyrollie (24th of January 2017, 02:24:58 PM)
  • "i don't have no one, as all my friends don't want to no me no more and not there when going through the bad times with all my family out there but not bothered at all they could't care less"
  • - oisin (1st of February 2017, 04:27:41 AM)
  • "the ups and down in life you could take it on the chin but life changes and you can not take or understand things anymore"
  • - gazza (4th of June 2017, 10:56:35 AM)
  • "When things change, it takes time to adapt, during this time, you see things differently, and we have to change our understanding of why we see it differently, our feelings, our values. Maybe Don' t match. To others, feelings and values, so you get opposites. When your on the same level as someone else's thoughts and feelings it's a win win."
  • - Australia (2nd of February 2019, 02:37:00 AM)

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