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Healthy Sleep Habits

Your behaviours can have a major impact on you sleep and can contribute to your lack of sleep.

Your actions during the day, and especially before bedtime, can make it difficult to fall asleep, or get restful sleep.

Your daily routines – what you eat and drink, the medications you take, how you schedule your days and how you choose to spend your evenings – can significantly impact your quality of sleep. A few slight adjustments can, in some cases, mean the difference between sound sleep and a restless night. Completing a weekly sleep diary can help you understand how your routines affect your sleep.

The term “sleep hygiene” refers to a series of habits and rituals that can improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Certified physicians recommend following a series of common-sense, healthy sleep habits to promote better sleep. These healthy sleep habits are a cornerstone of cognitive behavioural therapy, the most effective long­term treatment for patients with insomnia. CBT­I can help you address the detrimental thoughts and behaviours that are preventing you from sleeping. It also includes techniques for stress reduction, relaxation and sleep schedule management.

Sleep specialists recommend that you follow the healthy sleep habits that are highlighted in this article. If you have difficulty sleeping or want to improve your sleep, try following these sleep hygiene tips. If your sleep problem persists, the AASM recommends that you seek help from the sleep team at an AASM accredited sleep center.


Quick Sleep Tips

Follow these tips to establish healthy sleep habits:

  • Keep a consistent sleep schedule. Get up at the same time every day, even on weekends or during vacations.
  • Set a bedtime that is early enough for you to get at least 7 hours of sleep.

  • Don’t go to bed unless you are sleepy.

  • If you don’t fall asleep after 20 minutes, get out of bed.

  • Establish relaxing bedtime rituals.

  • Use your bed only for sleep and sex.

  • Make your bedroom quiet and relaxing. Keep the room at a comfortable, cool temperature.

  • Limit exposure to light in the evenings.

  • Don’t eat a large meal before bedtime. If you are hungry at night, eat a light, healthy snack.

  • Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

  • Avoid consuming caffeine in the late afternoon or evening.

  • Avoid consuming alcohol before bedtime.

  • Reduce your fluid intake before bedtime.





Source: Healthy Sleep awareness project: Sleep education)

Article Comments

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  • - emiltylee123 (21st of June 2016, 01:28:41 PM)
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  • - StaceyB (22nd of June 2016, 08:36:51 AM)
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  • - ramina (27th of June 2016, 12:51:53 AM)
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  • - Overwhelmed40 (30th of September 2016, 02:28:59 PM)
  • "I don't sleep, regardless of me taking anything whether it be a hardcore drug, some weed, alcohol, sleeping pills etc I won't be able to sleep for longer than 2 hours per day."
  • - OnoeAcid (8th of December 2016, 05:04:48 AM)
  • "I go days on end with no sleep despite drinking excessive amounts of alcohol"
  • - ido2012 (6th of January 2017, 12:55:03 PM)
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  • - elrickvik (2nd of March 2017, 04:31:03 AM)
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