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Help for Cutting and Self-Harm - Find New Coping Techniques

Self-harm is your way of dealing with feelings and difficult situations. So if you’re going to stop, you need to have alternative ways of coping in place so you can respond differently when you start to feel like cutting or hurting yourself. 

If you cut to express pain and intense emotions

Paint, draw, or scribble on a big piece of paper with red ink or paint

Express your feelings in a journal

Compose a poem or song to say what you feel 

Write down any negative feelings and then rip the paper up

Listen to music that expresses what you’re feeling 

If you cut to calm and soothe yourself

Take a bath or hot shower

Pet or cuddle with a dog or cat

Wrap yourself in a warm blanket

Massage your neck, hands, and feet

Listen to calming music 

If you cut because you feel disconnected and numb

Call a friend (you don’t have to talk about self-harm)

Take a cold shower

Hold an ice cube in the crook of your arm or leg

Chew something with a very strong taste, like chili peppers, peppermint, or a grapefruit peel

Go online to a self-help website, chat room, or message board

If you cut to release tension or vent anger

Exercise vigorously—run, dance, jump rope, or hit a punching bag

Punch a cushion or mattress or scream into your pillow

Squeeze a stress ball or squish Play-Doh or clay

Rip something up (sheets of paper, a magazine)

Make some noise (play an instrument, bang on pots and pans)



Source: self-harm.htm

Article Comments

  • "with me it helps me it feels good but then i look at it i feel discusted and horrible but the more i do it the more i want tot keep doing it"
  • - emiltylee123 (21st of June 2016, 01:30:00 PM)
  • "im struggling with self harm myself, I have found that some technics have worked but not for long thoughI hate doing it, I hate myself for going it"
  • - DarkAngel189 (22nd of June 2016, 02:11:06 AM)
  • "i find that when i self-harm it takes the focus of what happened to make me feel so low. or too prove i am alive. bullying was the reason i started and it just got worse over time "
  • - Lkuran (29th of July 2016, 06:03:41 PM)
  • "Self harming for me used to help now it doesn't do nothing I used to cut deep now I just scratch cos it does the same thing"
  • - Hurting2 (25th of September 2016, 06:15:49 PM)
  • "My self harm started when I was with my ex. He did a lot of stuff to me that I was never able to come to terms with and I turned to self harm."
  • - cookiepawz (26th of October 2016, 03:35:40 AM)
  • "I don't cut myself or anything like that but when I feel the need to hurt myself I go and have tattoos I've currently got 12 it helps to give me a release. It also is permanent.x"
  • - KirstyM90 (3rd of November 2016, 10:09:41 AM)
  • "hi"
  • - finnly2017 (14th of December 2016, 09:49:37 AM)
  • "hi"
  • - finnly2017 (14th of December 2016, 09:49:37 AM)
  • "hi"
  • - finnly2017 (14th of December 2016, 09:49:38 AM)
  • "i have self hamrmed many times but this has helped"
  • - finnly2017 (14th of December 2016, 09:50:23 AM)

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