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Tiny Self-Care Ideas for the Mind by Ellen Bard

Tiny Self-Care Ideas for the Mind by Ellen Bard

  1. Start a compliments file. Document the great things people say about you to read later.
  2. Scratch off a lurker on your to-do list, something that’s been there for ages and you'll never do.
  3. Change up the way you make decisions. Decide something with your heart if you usually use your head. Or if you tend to go with your heart, decide with your head.
  4. Go cloud-watching. Lie on your back, relax, and watch the sky.
  5. Take another route to work. Mixing up your routine in small ways creates new neural pathways in the brain to keep it healthy.
  6. Pay complete attention to something you usually do on autopilot, perhaps brushing your teeth, driving, eating, or performing your morning routine.
  7. Goof around for a bit. Schedule in 5 minutes of ‘play’ (non-directed activity) several times throughout your day.
  8. Create a deliberate habit, and routinize something small in your life by doing it in the same way each day—what you wear on Tuesdays, or picking up the dental floss before you brush.
  9. Fix a small annoyance at home that’s been nagging you—a button lost, a drawer that’s stuck, a light bulb that’s gone.
  10. Punctuate your day with a mini-meditation with one minute of awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations; one minute of focused attention on breathing; and one minute of awareness of the body as a whole.
  11. Be selfish. Do one thing today just because it makes you happy.
  12. Do a mini-declutter. Recycle three things from your wardrobe that you don’t love or regularly wear.
  13. Unplug for an hour. Switch everything to airplane mode and free yourself from the constant bings of social media and email.
  14. Get out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just talking to a stranger at the bus stop.
  15. Edit your social media feeds, and take out any negative people. You can just “mute” them; you don’t have to delete them.

Article Comments

  • "Excellent strategies here! Some new ideas here to try. :)"
  • - scooty (7th of March 2018, 06:59:19 AM)
  • "sounds good"
  • - robroyb (5th of January 2019, 10:46:12 AM)
  • "i think its brill will use this in my work theres lots of good in the small things we just need to share that to raise awareness of the overlooked thank you so much"
  • - Rocky123 (17th of January 2019, 12:18:07 PM)
  • "Great tips,thanks"
  • - Clais (19th of February 2019, 11:41:17 PM)
  • "I Will try decluttered one shelf in my wardrobe tomorrow ?"
  • - Poppy1975 (6th of April 2019, 10:09:38 PM)
  • "I will declutter and try harder"
  • - Katjam (4th of May 2019, 09:27:50 PM)
  • "I like it"
  • - LilyPots89xo (15th of September 2019, 01:53:10 PM)
  • "Great article. Some stuff there I would never have thought of x"
  • - Notsosure (16th of June 2019, 11:39:53 PM)
  • "Great advice. Thank you."
  • - Fifi68 (10th of November 2019, 08:52:56 PM)
  • "Good suggestions. Thanks for this"
  • - RainbowGlider (13th of December 2019, 10:33:20 PM)

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